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About Ardo Ci

My name is Martin Browne and my pseudonym is Ardo Ci. I am the writer of the discovery of the magnetic code, which I have entitled ‘Astromagnetica’. It is made up of four polarity points of plus and minus identification. The more plusses in the make-up of the person, the more dynamic the minset. The more minuses in the make-up of the indiviual, the more laconic the mindset. There are a number of sites and books I have created to enable people to understand and benefit from identifying the magnetic field and its influences on our primal instincts and behaviour. They include:-


and available from Amazon – search ‘Ardo Ci’
How Compatible Are We
Magnetically Fated
Decode Your Relationships

With over 20 years of experience in the examination of thousands of people’s magnetic polarities, I am completely convinced we are magnetically influenced at birth. Based on our date of birth and gender, there are only 15 potential one-to-one relationships but there are myriad combinations when it comes to groups of three or more. Families, colleagues, partners, anywhere there is a combination of people you can make Astromagnetica explain the dynamics between everyone, and control them. Step inside and learn how to make your relationships work.



“We are born at a given moment and like vintage years of
wine, we have the qualities of the year and the season
in which we are born”

– Carl Jung

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